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All Star Media Day Follies

As usual, the media assembles to ask all the All Stars about being named to the respective All Star teams, playing in a historic field, Yankee Stadium and all that fine jazz. Kerry Wood came away with the blowout remark that pretty much says: some people shouldn’t be sports journalists.

When asked about playing at Yankee Stadium (all the mythology of it, etc) Wood responded to some wet behind the ears journalist: “I seem to recall that I play in one every day.”


TOUCHEE! And it’s older than Yankee Stadium too. There’s a lot of mythology at Wrigley. Including Babe’s famed “called shot.”


Cubs take two of three from Cards; All-Star Game; Blogs

The Cubs exited their trip to St Louis the same way they went in: three and a half-games up. It could have been five and a half had it not been for Kerry Wood in the bottom of the ninth. That was a disappointing loss.

The Cubs have the day off today and will battle the Reds on Tuesday followed by the Giant for the weekened series before the Midsummer in Spankee (er Yankee… ah hell.. Spankee) Stadium.

Speaking of the All-Star Game, how about sending seven players to the classic? WOW! Sorioano and Fukudome covering the corners (note: Soriano is still a big IF for the game) and Soto behind the plate. Ramirez a reserve with Dempster, Wood and Zambrano rounding out. The most ever for the club. Congrats guys!

Now we move onto blogs… You know, I love the whole free blog thing and all. But I think if people are going to have a blog they should at least make an attempt to update it or at least post. Perhaps MLBLogs should do a purge of blogs that  haven’t been activate or updated for a year.

That brings me to another issue—I miss the team blogs where you could look at all the blogs associated with a team. It was a nice thing to have. Oh well… Beggers can’t be choosers.