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Pie to O’s for Olson

Last week, I reported that Felix Pie and Rich Hill were running out of time to plead their case to the team. Pie’s time ran out Sunday when the organization traded him to the Baltimore Orioles for left-handed starter Garrett Olson and minor league righty Henry Williamson.

Olson will get some starts in the spring with the possibility of becoming the fith starter in the Cub’s organization.

The move on Pie was in part because he was out of options if he didn’t make the team during spring training.


Cubs acquire Harden, Gaudin in trade with A’s

I had heard rumors over the weekend that the Cubs were working to get Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A’s. Harden’s a good quality starter with a low ERA and the ability to strike out almost 11 per game. The Cubs don’t give up much in return with Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, Eric Patterson and catcher Josh Donaldson going to the A’s.

A nice way to match the Brewers CC Sabathia. A Zambrano-Harden combition is almost as lethel as a Sheets-Sabathia.

Here come the Cubs in 2008!