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Cubs – Astro series moves to Milwaukee

It didn’t happen until late last night, but at least some sanity came back into the world when the Astros finally agreed to move the series to a neutral (or  not-so-neutral if Mike Loretta has his way) site.

Either city managers in Houston told Drayton McLane he was being dellusional or common sense finally sunk in. Doesn’t matter, at least two of the three games will be played at Miller Park starting at 8:05 p.m. (EDT) on Sunday.

The second game will be played at 2:05 p.m. (EDT) on Monday.

The third game has yet to be determined (more than likely, will be played at the end of the season if needed).



Proof that idiots still exist in the world

On Wednesday, MLB announced that the game for the Cubs-Astros series would be moved up to 1:05 p.m. (CDT) because of Hurricane Ike. The next day, they decided to play a double header on Sunday with the final game on Monday.

Are you frakking kidding me? Galveston, along with Houston had a big huge bullseye on their heads with Ike moving in over the weekend.

Unfreaking believable.

This is what the GM of the Astros had to say:

“This could be the biggest series in the history of this season,” McLane told the Houston Chronicle. “And the fans would be a tremendously inspirational force for our players. And I didn’t want our players to be away from their families.


Your fans? You dumba$$. Your city just got hammered by a category 2 hurricane. Over three million people are without power. Homes have been swept out to sea. There’s probably deaths and you’re worried about keeping your fans happy?

Notice to Astros fans: Your GM is the biggest jerk on the face of the freaking planet.

What moron in their right mind would hold out hope that a series would be played just one day after a major hurricane.

What the hell is this world coming too.

I don’t blame the Cubs for being mad. I don’t blame Hendry for being pissed off. I’m pissed off.

HOUSTON—THIS IS WAR! I hope you lose the next 10 games and make the wild-card unattainable for this tom foolery! You could have swept the Cubs and hoped that Philly beat the Brewers and you’d be tied for the wild card.

But no! Your GM had to put the power of the almighty dollar in the face of human suffering. What a swell guy!