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Robbed again, Santo just shy of making it in

Ron Santo was denied entry once again by the Veteran’s Committee who’ve yet to vote in a candidate in it’s three votes (every other year since 2003).

Santo garnered only 69.5% of the needed 75% to get in to the Hall. Gil Hodges and Jim Kaat were also among the players up for election into the 2007 class.

The Veteran’s Committe was revamped because of charges of cronyism in 2001. It now consists of all living members of the Hall of Fame.

The system still needs an overhaul.  The following should be proposed:

(1) The Veteran’s Committee votes every year
(2) The vote needs to be changed to 65% of the vote
(3) The fans have a chance to vote a player in from those who are elgible

This will take away some of the power the veteran’s committee has over the process. It would send a message that if you don’t vote someone in, the fans will. What are your thoughts?  ESPN.com has a poll about the process. Check it out and cast your vote today.

Ripken, Gwynn to Hall

Cal Ripken Jr captured 98.53% of the votes to get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Joining him will be Tony Gwynn who got 97.6% of the votes. Both men were predicted to be easy shoe-ins into the 2007 HoF.

Rich “Goose” Gossage was short of the necessary 75% with 71.2% of the ballots being cast in his favor. The Cubs’ Andre Dawson and Lee Smith received 56.7% and 39.8% respectively.

Slugger Mark McGwire fell well short of the requirement with only 23.5% of the votes.

The Veteran’s results will be announced February 27, 2007. Hall of Fame induction ceremony is scheduled for July 29 in Cooperstown, New York.

In other news, Cubs radio broadcaster Ron Santo did not make the finals for the Ford C. Frick award. The White Sox’s Ken Harrelson is among the ten nominees.

Spring training report date is February 14 for the Cubs when the pitchers and the catchers are due to report. All other players are to report by February 19 with the first all-team work-out on February 20.

Go Cubs!