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Ted Turner needs to be flogged, tarred and feathered

Ted Turner needs to be flogged, tarred and feathered…

Seriously folks, 10pm is a late start. It’s 8pm in Arizona. Isn’t that a bit for those folks there? MLB didn’t want it done that way, but no. Ted Turner and his money hungry company said: our way or we go home. MLB should have told them to go home. It was nearly 1 am by the time game was over with.

And you know it messed with the D*Backs just as much because it was an hour later than what they’re used to.

Sure, some of the west coast games can go that late, but jeez—if you can start the Rockies game at 3 pm, you can sure as heck as start the Cubs game a bit earlier. Maybe this is a sign that TNT perhaps needs to carry a game so that games don’t start so ******** late.

A couple of years ago, FOX was running games on FX as well when they had the Division series, why can’t Turner Broadcasting do the same thing?

Additionally, you know what else upsets me? Clueless broadcasters! Perhaps Stoney and Chip should do the Cubs games. At least they know what they **** they’re talking about and not making stupid comments…

Here’s a good one: Barrett was traded for Kendall. Hello? You idiots just said that Barrett was traded for Bowen…

I’ll listen to WGN from now on. At least they know what they’re talking about, then again. They would know, would’t they?

Something else that upsets me, is that TBS refuses to let local TV stations carry the games. So if you don’t have cable your provider doesn’t have TBS, you’re screwed! That’s right. If you live in Chicago and you don’t have cable… you cannot get the game.

I’m not happy about this arrangement with TBS. Just imagine, next year—it’s going to be worse when they have the League championship series.

God help us all then.