Disappointed, but not surprised

I am disappointed at the exit, but not surprised. Not the least bit. Last year, the Cubs hit something like .149. This year, slightly better. But still, only a handful of runs. I think it’s a combined 12 for the six games. It’s a huge disappointment to a club who got it down with clutch hitting.

Note to Lou:

Next year, do not rest your freaking players. Next year, if Sori is batting .091, you put him in the back of the line up. Next year, unless Kosuke is hitting, you don’t put him in the freaking game.



  1. cubsjunkie2

    I say the same thing. I ask myself, “Why is Fu even playing? Why does Fons keep striking out? What happened?” I guess it’s next year for us.Stephaniehttp://steponme.mlblogs.com

  2. 1bderek25

    At this point, I don’t want to see Fu back in the line-up ever again. He was a waste of money. Good D. But no more O.

  3. murphy28

    Man and I though I had it bad as a Mets fan. I watched all 3 Cubs games and was also disappointing with the effort. I don’t like seeing other teams suffer like the Cubs and their fans have for the past 100 years. I was rooting for you guys.

    Best of luck next year!


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