Cubs in need of help in the rotation?

Rich Hill is struggling and is now warming a bench in Arizona. Carlos Zambrano is on the DL and he is very questionable. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Cubs are expected to call up Sean Marshall from Triple-A Iowa to fill Z’s spot. That leaves Iowa a man short with Hill in Arizona.

So the Cubs call up the Shark, Jeff Samardzija to Iowa. Never mind the fact that the Shark has a 4.86 ERA at Tennessee. To Samardzjia’s credit, he had a rocky May. The ERA has improved.

But it does present a serious hole in the Cubs rotation.

So that brings up the question: Should the club pursue C.C. Sabathia?

From the outside, he’s a good fit for the club. However, he’s having an off year. And there’s another problem: he’s not going to come cheap (either in trade or money). The Cubs are going to have to try to get him “cheap” (meaning make the Indianas pay his salary or at least a good portion of it) and I don’t see the Indians doing that.

So who’s left? Well. No one. And that’s the problem. Hopefully Z’s shoulder will not pose a big problem. And here’s hoping the staff down in Arizona can correct Hill’s problem. 



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