White Sox games; Zambrano and more

Let me preface this by saying that I’m a duel Chicago baseball fan (sorta). While my true faith lies for the Cubs, I do have a soft spot for the White Sox. It goes back to the days of Carlton and when Ozzie wasn’t pompus and arrogant. But I digress, the Cubs-White Sox always brings about the agressive side in me. I dislike A.J. more now than ever before. Luckily, anything he did today didn’t really matter.

Guillen gets under my skin, especially when he takes potshots at European Cubs fans. He says they come to Wrigley to “tour” the field. It came across as an insult. (Luckily, I’m an American—but still. I have friends in Europe that are Cubs fans.)  I can tell you why: historical significance. Unlike the Cell, Wrigely has some history. There’s something to be said. Unlike Comiskey, Wrigley probably will never fall prey to a wrecking ball (or dynamite).

Don’t get me wrong, Guillen is certainly entitled to his opinion. I just don’t agree with it.

(Personal note to self: Next year, go to a Cubs-White Sox game to live the riverly. Hopefully I can wave a World Champions hat in the faces of White Sox fans. )

Having said all that: I’m going to a White Sox game in July. They’re playing the Royals. It’s Harold Baines day. Should be fun.

Back to the Cubs-Sox series. After the disappointing road trip, I was feeling a bit worried. Then again, the Cubs are back at Wrigley and that’s always a good thing.

Just a quick recap. Zambrano was taken out of the game on Wednesday after experiencing some stiffness in his shoulder. Good news is, it’s minor. Bad news is, he’s missing two starts.

On other injury notes, Alfonso Soriano is well on the road to recovery and it looks like Darryl Ward is about ready to come off the DL.

The Cubs scored nine runs in the fourth inning and that was the team needed to beat the crosstown rivels, the White Sox 11-7 Saturday.

The White Sox went ahead early in the first with a two-run home run by Jermaine Dye. The Cubs would score in the bottom half, cutting the White Sox lead by half.

DeWayne Wise would follow in the fouth with a two-run shot. It was his first home run since 2004. Oddly enough, it also came against the Cubs. Wise was playing for the Braves at the time.

But the fireworks was just about to begin. The Cubs scored nine runs in the bottom of the inning. It what has to be a moment of oddity when Mike Fontenot came back around the second time in the inning, Cubs manager Lou Piniella pulled Fontenot for a pinch hitter.

Fontenot didn’t care. He figured it was strategy.

Piniella said in a post game interview that he didn’t realize that he done that to Fontenot. He certainly wouldn’t have done that had he known about the home run. Piniella chalked it up to being one of “those senior moments.”

Several Cubs players stated later they didn’t realize it was the same inning. 

Jason Marquis gave up five runs on eight hits over seven innings of work. He struck out four and walked one. Kerry Wood got save number 19 after Carlos Marmol couldn’t close it out. Wood is now tied with Brian Wilson of the Giants in the NL for the lead in saves.

The Cubs called up Eric Patterson from Triple A Iowa to fill the spot vacated by Zambrano. Patterons went 3-for-5 with an RBI with a stolen base.

Jim Edmonds has proven to be the hidden weapon in the Cubs lineup. In Saturday’s game he connected as one-half of a four home run inning (all four home runs came as back to back. First time around was Edmonds and Mike Fontenot and the second one was Aramis Ramirez and Edmonds). He’s improved his batting average since coming to the Cubs in May.

While with San Diego, Edmonds batted .178. He’s average as a Cub is .311. His season BA is now .238. What’s impressive is that he’s improved his slugging average to .390. All around, Edmund’s has proven to be worthy acquisition.

He gives the Cubs a left handed bat that’s been known to be ratherly unfriendly to pitchers at Wrigley. He’s still got some good defensive ability. And he provides some veteran experience to the Cubs organization.

The Cubs have now gone back to back three times in the past two games. It helps when the wind blows out.

The Cubs go for the sweep Sunday. Ryan Demptser will go for win number nine. The White Sox send Javier Vazquez to the mound. First pitch is 8:05 Eastern. It’s the Game of the Week on ESPN.




  1. cubsjunkie2

    Woo GO CUBS!A.J. is a punk. And Ozzie is really arrogant. The comments they made were very petty.But those comments made the sweep even better =]Stephaniesteponme.mlblogs.com

  2. 1bderek25

    Yeah, knowing that the Cubs spanked the White Sox is pretty good justice. Though, Ozzie did admit that the Cubs kicked their butts and that they played better baseball.

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