57 players file for free agency, Wood among them

In a not so surprising move, Chicago Cubs reliever Kerry Wood filed for free agency on Monday.

Not sure what he expects to find out there in terms of a contract. I wish him well in the future.

Other notables filing were:

* Barry Bonds (his prima donna like behavior would be a perfect fit the Yankees who had five players file, including A-Rod and Rivera).

* A-Rod, who is currently in MLB’s doghouse for making his announcement during the fourth game of the World Series.

* Mariano Rivera (NYY)
* Jorge Posada  (NYY)
* David Eckstein (STL)
* Bartolo Colon (LAA)
* Sean Casey (DET)
* Brad Ausmus (HA)
* Toril Hunter (MT)
* Corey Koskie (MB)
* Tony Armas, Jr (Pitt)
* Paul LoDuca (NYM)

Get the complete list 57 players file for free agency.

Cubs could use another starting pitcher, big left-handed bat, and some more solid relief pitchers, should they not resign Woodie.

Bobby Abreu is eligible to file for free agency and should he go free, the Cubs should pursue him. I don’t want to see A-Rod on the Cubs. The Cubs infield is solid and let’s face it: the Cubs can’t afford him. A-Rod may produce for you in the regular season, but for the past couple of times the Yanks were in the post season, he’s choked. In the 2006 ALDS he batted .071. Ouch!

Only problem is, it’ll create a logjam in the outfield. Who do you get rid of?


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