Why fans shouldn’t blame “him”

You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about "him." The guy that did what anyone of us would have done had we been sitting there in that same exact spot.

Your first reaction is to go for the ball, not get out of the way.

But anyways, let’s cut threw the chase here. Don’t blame some poor fan who got 15 minutes of fame for trying to catch a questionable catch.

He wasn’t the one that caused the meltdown in game 6 with 5 outs away.

That was the mental breakdown of the team. Misplayed balls and bad fielding caused the Cubs season to end in 2003.



  1. paulvwill@msn.com

    I could not agree more but its time to let it go. This is the time to play the best ball of your life Cubbies. I feel this team can and will make all dreams a reallity.

  2. Jenn

    That’s why I didn’t mention his name.

    I definitely hold no grudges on the guy. He did what most people would have done, which was go for the ball.

    I’m just tired of seeing people bring him up all the time.

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