Thank you Michael Barrett!

Thank you to Michael Barrett for not holding onto the ball in the bottom of the 13th. Your stellar fielding ability gave the Rockies the final spot in the NLDS.


It may seem strange, I know. But honestly, the Cubs have a 5-2 record against the Rockies this year. I’m playing the odds, hoping for a Cubs vs Rockies NLCS. Odds are in the Cubs favor on that one.

Congratulations Colorado Rockies fans! You’ve earned your spot in the post season with great baseball.


One comment


    Barrett did block the plate, but too close a call to call him out. I don’t think the ump made a call until the Rockies were swarming the field. Holliday should have at least gone back to tag the plate–the ball was out of Barrett’s glove. The Rockies D will not withstand the pressure of the playoffs. They will crack and allow Demster the opportunity to blow his first save opp and then get the hook for good. I predict Howry will be the closer in game 2 and Wood will be the long set up man, unless he walks a few guys. Wood is throwing 97mph now, and looks Poised as ****. Wood will be the MVP of this series. Is Bartman banned from the Saturday game?? Great Blog.

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