The Cubs have done it! They’ve become the first team in the National League to clinch their division thanks to the 6-3 beating of the Brewers by the Padres.

Let the celebration begin!!!!




    Heads are in the clouds,
    Foot is on the bag.

    Ball is out of the park

    and the Cubs are in heaven in 2007

    Go Cubs Go….

    Go Cubs Go….

    Go Cubs Go….Go in 2007


    Now that we’re in,let’s continue to win.If we play our game,in the end we’ll pop champaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi I am a big cubs fan for over ten years now. and i am glad to be a cubs fan and i am proud to be call a cubs fan.and i been with the cubs throught the good time and the bad times. So like i said i am a big cubs fan.and i am really happy that the cubs won the great jobs guys.keep on winning. thanks Steve Serafin

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