Cubs activate Blanco, Floyd and other thoughts

August has not been kind to the Cubs. Soriano is on the DL until September, Zambrano can’t get win #16 and Lilly can’t get win #15. The Cubs bats have been quiet the month of August. It’s only in the last couple of games they’re starting to pull out of their slump.

Hopefully with Ciff Floyd back from the bereavement list and Blanco back behind the plate, maybe things will start to pick up.

At first, I was okay with the lack of movement in July. However, now, I’m not so sure that the Cubs shouldn’t have made move to acquire some solid middle relief pitching. Will Ohman didn’t help his case any by supposedly "hiding" an injury and Wuertz, who started out fairly decent earlier in the season has taken a turn for hitsville and walksville. 

It’s coming down to the final month of the season and the Cubs are tied for first. I said earlier, it’s going to be a three-way rush in the central division. Much like 2003, it’ll come down to the wire in the final two weeks of the season. The Cubs play Milwaukee soon. If the Cubs can have a successful road trip, hopefully they can gain some ground on the Brewers and the Cards.

I suppose the best thing is that in a couple of weeks, the rosters will expand and the Cubs can bring up more pitching and a couple of more hitters to solidify their run.


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