Back after a long drought

I’m back after a three-month-long drought. Work and school ate of my time and with two weeks before the fall semester starts back up, I finally get time. Go figure.

I had a great time at the game back in May, though the Cubs did lose. I did get a chance to meet couple of the players, coaches, and Len Kasper at the entrance. (Pays to go early folks… it’s across from the fire station!) I’ll see about getting some pictures up in the next week or so. Maybe some video that I took.

I had a great seat. Behind homeplate, just a few rows back from the main walkway behind the more expensive seats. Bad thing: behind the screen. Other than that, it was a great view.

The NL Central division is going to come down to the wire much like it did in 2003. Probably the final week. Should be an exciting run the rest of the season. .

June and July was a great month for the club. August isn’t turning out to be too great, but the guys are tired and when you lose one of the pinnacles of the club for at least a month, it’ll hurt. But the club has the depth to push forward. And the latest is that the Cubs may have picked up crosstown player, Scott Podesnik from the White Sox.

Wood is back, though, I’m still a bit concerned about the Cubs bullpen. When you have Will Ohman playing injured for two months and not tell anyone, that worries me. One of my favorite Cubs players was traded away (Michael Barrett) to the Padres for a guy who wasn’t good who was then traded away for veteran catcher, Jason Kendall. Kendall’s defense isn’t great and his offense isn’t much better either. But it is a trade-up to a certain extent: there’s no more fighting in the club house.

And how about Carlos Zambrano! At the beginning of the season, I wrote him off. He’s not going to pitch his way into a contract. In June, he turned it around and is worth a decent contract. He wants to stay in Chicago. Funny how: the fight with Barrett and Piniella’s outburst shook Big Z and the club into shape.

In other news, I had the pleasure of meeting Cub great Ryne Sandberg when the Chiefs were in town here in South Bend back in mid-July (game was cut short because of severe weather). I got his autograph! 😀

Maybe in October when I head to Chicago for a science fiction convention, I’ll be having to make time to catch some October baseball…


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