Another disappointing loss

Biggest highlight? Aramis Ramirez getting home run #200.

This is getting unbearable. Cubs get the lead early, and they lose it again late in the game. This time we can shift the blame partially onto big Z (for the two runs) and the rest onto the useless bullpen.

Cubs brought up Rocky Cherry to replace Wade Miller, who went on the 15 day DL. Cherry in his MLB debut, gave up the winning homerun in the top of the 12th.

Cubs are now 3-8 at home and 0-3 in extra inning games.

Rich Hill, the star pitcher, takes the mound against Jeff Suppan.

Cubs notes:

Mark Prior will undergo exploratory surgery to figure what is wrong with his shoulder Tuesday.




    Five games out! As close to first as they will get all year! It doesn’t even seem like anyone is the least bit concerned. Like the Cubs have a history of coming back late in the season to clinch a playoff spot! Someone on the Cubs has to instill the fear of something into the players so they come out and play like they have to win every game and every player is aware of every situation on the field, you know, like professional baseball players!


    I know we have good talent on the team, Lou is just having a hard time fitting the right pieces together, especially in the OF. I think that the problem is that Lou has too much to choose from in the OF, which is having him pluck in and out players that should be playing everyday in order to find their grove.

    I think that the one thing that helped the Marlines last year was that they didn’t have too much to work with, which forced them to make due with what they had, which is what we need to do. We need to unload one of our OF’s (whether that be Murton or Floyd, I would prefer Floyd) for a good or decent #5 starter who can go deep in the pitch count (because I don’t have too much confidence in Guzman at this point) and send PIE back down to Triple A so that he can play everyday and keep himself fresh; and call up another good middle reliever to accompany Cherry and then stick to making that work, just like Joe Giradi did for the Marlins last year. That’s what a truly good manager should be able to do.


    Let me just say that I think the Cubs are throwing away too much games. They are playing well but it seems that once they have a lead in any game they haven’t been able to maintain that lead and they give away careless runs. I think Rothschild or Piniella need to sit down with Zambrano and talk to him about the type of pitches he is making and his control on the mound. The bullpen was effective in the early part of the season but of lately it seems as if they haven’t even done anything right. Lou needs to sit the players down and talk to them about the games that they thrown away and help them to learn from their mistakes. The team is playing too careless, they need to be more aggressive and they need to be patient at the plate and not always try to go for the big swings as singles and doubles also matter. They need to get more reinforcement in their bullpen because they are making themselves look like babies on the field and teams are taking advantage of every mistake any pitcher or fielder makes.

    The cubs have given away games where they are leading…this sort of thing cannot be happening, it needs to STOP!!! Everybody on the team needs to start playing as a team and not always depending on Lee or Ramirez to do everything because they can’t carry the team all the way without help from the others.

    To be very honest I had my hopes up for the team at the start of the season because they looked to be a well confident and put together team but now it seems to me that the Cubs really don’t want this because if they did they would start playing with more vigor and authority!!!


    They are a poorly put together team. Lost leads because they are not situational hitters, they’re free swingers. They don’t give up at bats to move runners and they don’t get ahead in the count to see better pitches. Which is why they strike out a lot in the clutch. How many times have they had a runner on second and nobody out and failed to move the runner. They popout or k. No balance in the lineup, no arm in right, defense probably saves more runs than bats earn. Not only because of magnificent plays but runners don’t take extra bases on a good arm. Defense saves pitches per inning and batters faced per inning. A hitters third plate appearance against the starter comes later in the game. (Avg. increases the third time around) It has a trickle down affect to the bullpen as well. Extended innings kill a starting pitcher.


    The problem isn’t Lou has too many outfielders to choose from. He has no left handed hitters if Floyd or Jones doesn’t pay. I can live with Soriano in left and Pie in Center but they need a true right fielder. Someone who gives you good defense. Teams are coming back on the Cubs partly because they are able to move up an extra base due to poor arms.

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