Friday’s big disappoint, Saturday’s big turnaround and Sunday’s can quite quite get it there

Carlos Zambrano better start keeping it together or he’s going to find his stock dropping when it actually does come around to finalizing a deal with the Chicago Cubs.

Friday’s shocking turn of events in the fifth inning was an embarassment to him. WIll Ohman didn’t help the situation when he came in for relief, walking to straight batters.

Michael Wuertz came in did what Zambrano and Ohman couldn’t do, get an out. And he did it in, blow it by their faces stike out style. Wuertz struck out the side.

The Cubs gave up a 5-0 lead to Cinncinnati on Friday’s game. (My throat was still sore on Saturday from a screaming match at the TV. It’s amazing I still have a TV after throwing things.)

Saturday, was a big a turnaround. Cubs got and secured a 7-0 lead. Rich Hill threw another great game to get the win. He is, for better or worse, the best Cubs pitcher right now–from worst to first.

Sunday’s game, the Cubs lost 1-0. Ted Lilly had a good outing, though he still picked up the loss.

Tonight, Jason Marquis faces off against Clay Hensley. And the matchup for Wednesday will have former Cub Greg Madduz facing off against Wade Miller.


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