Robbed again, Santo just shy of making it in

Ron Santo was denied entry once again by the Veteran’s Committee who’ve yet to vote in a candidate in it’s three votes (every other year since 2003).

Santo garnered only 69.5% of the needed 75% to get in to the Hall. Gil Hodges and Jim Kaat were also among the players up for election into the 2007 class.

The Veteran’s Committe was revamped because of charges of cronyism in 2001. It now consists of all living members of the Hall of Fame.

The system still needs an overhaul.  The following should be proposed:

(1) The Veteran’s Committee votes every year
(2) The vote needs to be changed to 65% of the vote
(3) The fans have a chance to vote a player in from those who are elgible

This will take away some of the power the veteran’s committee has over the process. It would send a message that if you don’t vote someone in, the fans will. What are your thoughts? has a poll about the process. Check it out and cast your vote today.




    It is absolutely unbelievable that Ron Santo has not been inducted into the hall of fame. He is the biggest fan of the game, statesman for the league, lives, breathes, gives it all too the game he loves…
    Oh by the way… He also has played the game, put up hall of fame numbers, numerous times an all star, been a broadcaster for the game, all in a major Baseball market. YOU WHOM ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR VOTING SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED, AND RESIGN YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

    MIKE SCHMIDT, you should resign. (By the way, don’t cry before you leave this time.)

    In this day and age of all medium all the time, how do these biased,pompous, short sighted, over glorified jackasses, keep getting away with these obvious carrot hanging tactics, to some of the games best players.


    Eddie From Mchenry

  2. Jenn

    I was trying to be cordial and unbiased, but Eddie from McHenry says what I was thinking.

    Thanks for the comment Eddie.

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