Cubs mailbag

There is a new posting on the Cubs website for their mailbag. This is one of the questions:

Other than the fact that Sammy Sosa and Cubs general manager Jim Hendry don’t get along, wouldn’t picking up Sammy have been better than Floyd? I mean, Sosa has said he feels like he’s in better shape than ever before, making me think he would be better to play right or left. What would you say?
— Jeremy C., Chicago

The Cubs wanted help in the form of a left-handed hitter. Sosa is a right-handed hitter.

Good answer. Sammy’s signed a minor league deal with the organization he started out with, the Texas Rangers and lastly, unlike Floyd, Sammy has sat out the last year or so. His timing needless to say, would be ever so slightly off.

Good-bye Sammy, I’m sure your Prima Donna-ness will be appreciate in the Longhorn State.

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    Hi, nice blog you have here. I’m glad Floyd was only signed on for a year because his health is still an issue. As far as Sammy Sosa, I don’t know why the Cubs would ever have him back.

    P.S. I also have a Cubs blog at Let me know if you want to exchange links. Thanks,


  2. Jenn


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    Great. I’ll check it out. I have to say, I don’t get why people would want Sosa back. He wore out his welcome with his prima donna routine years ago.

    As for Flyod, you never know about the unknown factor. He could be the veteran that leads the way for the bench. You never know.

    Looking forward to a few weeks from now with the first ST game.

    Go Cubs!


    Does it really matter if the Cubs had Sammy or Cliff or even Alfonso. Or Lou. Or anybody? They’re a bunch of snake-bitten losers. I can’t wait for the centennial of futility next year. Well, I’m off to sit in my hot tub. Hopefully, I’ll have the brains to get out of it correctly and not hurt myself. Anyone notice the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 100 years and my team hasn’t won one in about 100 days? GO REDBIRDS!!!!

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