Cubs sign Floyd; bid farewell to Rusch

The Cubs signed former Met’s star Cliff Floyd to a one-year, three million dollar incentive heavy contract. Floyd, a Chicago native, batted just .244 in 97 games last year.

On July 18, 2006 Floyd was part of a recording setting game at Wrigley Field where he hit a grandslam (first of two hit in that inning, Carlos Beltran hit the second). He later homered again. The Mets won that game 13-7. It was a game that pretty much summed up the Cubs in 2006.


In other news, the Cubs released Glendon Rusch from the team on Thursday. Rusch, who’s 2006 season was cut short by a blod clot in  his left lung, compiled a 60-94 and 5.01 ERA in  his nine year career.


I’m iffy on Floyd, but he is a left handed bat. As for Rusch, I never did care for him as a pitcher and grumbled when the Cub signed him in 2005. However, I wish him well and a speedy recovery.




    If Floyd plays like he did in 2005, he will give Pinella a great option off the bench, maybe even start and he is a good veteran player that will give a great presence in the clubhouse for the younger players. I believe as long as he’s healthy, he will post good numbers in Wrigley.

  2. Jenn

    Yeah, he’s gotta play good otherwise the impatient Cubs fans will let him know. Same thing with Soriano.

    I’m a patient Cubs fan.

    Thanks for commenting.


    I think any true Cubs fan is patient, I feel it is the bandwagon fans of late that are the boo-birds at Wrigley. I want the Cubs to win as bad as the next fan, but a team has to have chemistry in order for that to happen and that doesn’t happen during spring training alone. It may take a while, but booing the new guy because he isn’t hitting the cover off the ball doesn’t do any good at all.

    What is your opinion of Soriano playing center?


    Jenn, we will see tomorrow how Soriano does in centerfield. I am taking off work to watch them play (on TV)..I live in south Georgia so I can’t make it to many games. Usually one a year is all I do. If you go to the game, have an Old Style for me. I am glad that Prior is taking the high road about playing triple-A ball, he isn’t one of the prima-donnas and throwing temper tantrums. I think that he has to be back in the rotation and 100% healthy for us to contend this year.

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