Month long break… who did the Cubs get while I was away?

The Cubs signed Jason Marquis and Ted Lilly to help round out their rotation for the upcoming season. It’s pretty obvious that the staff is not counting on Prior being ready, which is good. Can’t rely on Prior’s arm to be ready to go in the Spring and most importantly, in April when it counts.

In general baseball news: Barry Zito signed with the San Francisco Giants for an astounding $126 million over seven years. I think the Cubs are going to have to open the pocketbook up again when it comes time for Big Z to resign. 

Randy Johnson looks to be going back to the D-Backs. In exchange, the Bronx Bombers get relief pitcher Luis Vizcaino and a couple of minor prospects. The D-backs have also changed their logo from the traditional green and purple to a red and black mixture.

In further Cubs organization news, it was announced that Ryne Sandberg will be the manager of the Cubs Single Midwest ball club the Perioa Chiefs. I’ve purchased a booklet of tickets when the Chiefs play the Silverhawks this summer in South Bend. Looks like I’ll be rooting for the opposing team this time around. It’ll be great to see Ryne-O in the flesh at the stadium this summer.

In Hall of Fame news, the results of the balloting will be released on Tuesday January 9. Andre Dawson and Lee Smith are on this year’s ballot. Voting on the veterans ballot, which includes Ron Santo will also conduct voting this month. Maybe 2007 will be the year that Ronnie finally is in the HoF.


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