Christmas comes early for Cubs fans

Christmas has arrived nearly a month early for Cubs fans with the signing of free agent Alfonso Soriano. A historical record was set for the Cubs with the reported $136 million contract over 8 years.

When Jim Hendry announced that the he and the Tribune were committed to building a better team, he wasn’t kidding. The Chicago Cubs are pretty much saying, that in 2007 they mean business. The NL Central has changed.

Now they just need to get some starting pitching and the pieces will start coming together.

Aflonso, welcome to The Friendly Confines! We’re glad you came!




    Its nice to see the New Cub front office and new staff finally dipping into the pocket books and going for great players. Getting Soriano was a huge boost for the club for offense. He was a huge deal, $136 million for 8 years and it’s worth every last dollar. Now they need to get some solid starting pitching that will fill the holes in the starting rotation and work along side Carlos Zambrano. We just got Ted Lilly from Toronto so hopefully he’ll be a big help. Our line up already looks like its in great shape. I’m glad they re-signed Aramis Ramirez. He has to be the best 3rd baseman the Cubs ever had since Ron Santo. He is both a great hitter and great on defense. The Cubs would’ve shot themselves in the foot if they let him go. We got a descent 2nd basemen in Mark DeRosa from Texas and we got speed from (RF)Jacque Jones and (SS)Cesar Izturis. Although it was a dumb move getting rid of Greg Maddux last year. We still have Derrek Lee at 1st base which is really important. And we have two of the best catchers in the league in Michael Barrett and Henry Blanco. Lets hope the franchise is as serious about winning as they say they are. We have the players to get us there. We just need the pitching from some solid veterans. The focus is for the Cubs to win ball games and give the city of Chicago and the many Cub faithful a World Series Champion once and for all. I have to tell you; I came from Arizona to Illinois at age 7 but I’ve been a Cub fan since I was 5 years old. Just something about this team and city and how both just drip with history. I have nothing against the White Sox, but I became a DIE HARD life long Cub fan starting with my first game at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field at age 8. They beat the Phillies like 12 or 13 to 2 and it was incredible. I was hooked from that day on. Lets hope all these moves and spending pays off soon. Go Cubbies!

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