Piniella helms the loveable Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have formally announced they have signed Lou Piniella as manager. Piniella, who has a .517 winning pct as manager, has received word from the hierarchy in the Cubs chain-of-command they are committed to making a winning a team.

At first, I was skeptical about the signing of Piniella’s manager. But the thing the Cubs lacked this past season (in fact, for a while) is a fiery manager. Pinella is definitely a shot in the arm of an otherwise boring team.

He is definitely a better choice over the favorite son (Joe Giradi) and while I would have loved to have seen BB helm the Cubs, I think Piniella might be the guy the Cubs need to finally bring a World Series to Wrigleyville.

One thing is for certain, Piniella will be able to bring in his people and hopefully the Cubs management will continue to clean house and bring in new personnel. I would start with the medical staff. Something there isn’t right when you have two pitchers repeatedly on the DL.

Here’s to 2007. Let’s get some pitchers. One more thing, Go Tigers!


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    I believe the Cubs problem may higher up then Pinella!!! Why would the Cubs repeat the same old pattern? They were not successful with Durocher and Baker, both highly visible managers that had past success but had also been around the block a few times. I fear the same with Lou. The Cubs past on a future when they past on Girardi! (I was upset the first time they traded him, as I had predicted he would make a GREAT manager someday. But who am I? Just an Athletic Director with many years of experience, great success and many failures too. The bigs past on me a long time ago, so those are my credentials.)

    The Rothchild and O’Neil re-hires were the last straw! How can your team be so banged up over the course of two years??? It is from poor preparation and rehabilitation!!! Nearly every pitcher has spent some time on the shelf, and not just from the usual game type injuries! Remember, there was a stretch where a pitcher would pitch in a game and the next day be on the D.L. The same might also be argued about many of the position players. This is not a coincidence it’s a correlation. It’s a correlation to poor preparation! I was never a Baker fan, but he delegated those responsibilities to those individuals and you can see the results!

    The Cubs need new blood. They need new ownership that will bring in quality people that are ALLOWED to BUILD a FRANCHISE, not just a team. Forget the two-year extensions. Perform, or move on. Did you hear me Tribune Company? Why did McPhail really resign? Why was Hendry retained? Curious. Why did Hendry hire Pinella? Sell more seats and provide hope? We have been hoping for a few generations. Cub fans are intelligent and want results. Build a franchise and they will remain loyal and hopeful. Build a marketing gimmick and they will eventually grow tired.

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